Grameen Revival Entrepreneurship Empowerment Network

Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide

The Urban-Rural divide is leaving livelihoods and landscapes devastated. This divide is evident in the form of farmer suicides, rising levels of pollution, destroyed wildlife habitats, climate change, pollution and so on. What is its Root-Cause, really?

Towards Root Causes

We organize workshops on Self Discovery & Systems Thinking.

Self Discovery: Unless we discover how we are related to this whole phenomenon called the Universe, and our Living, Breathing, Thinking, Being Self in it, we shall never get better at understanding anything else. Whether problems, or solutions. So, the first step, should be to discover thy self. The Self is well defined in the traditions of this very land of Vedas and there are systematic tools such as meditation provided to directly experience the Self. Only, over the years, we have become deracinated. Through regular dipping in and drying out of the Self and engaging in activity, qualities such as intuition, clarity of perception, intelligence, better memory, better stress handling abilities, spontaneous right action, etc., take roots in the individual's consciousness. A person who learns to appreciate both scientific thinking as well as traditional values, is the kind of person the world needs at this juncture and so we believe the process of Self Discovery is very vital and must be set in motion while we actually empower the individual with knowledge and tools such as Systems Thinking.

As part of Self Discovery, we teach the highly scientifically validated, easy-to-do Transcendental Meditation™ technique.

Systems Thinking: The process of Self Discovery leads us to peace within. From that peace, we systematically get to understand both the predicaments facing industrial society, as well as the Wisdom of the indigenous and native people of this land. We believe that Systems Thinking is going to be a pretty useful tool to help every body, especially ones building an organization, to use to communicate, create and continuously learn and improve the world. Each of us have different skills and strengths, desires and fears, that we wish to address through this programme such that the organization can be made up of the most passionate complementarily-skilled tiger teams who ideate and validate economically and ecologically solid ideas. We wish to help turn those ideas into real working community organizations on the ground with the luring vision that generates its own funds through appeal to awareness.

As part of Systems Thinking, we offer an open network - which includes room for everybody from urban gardeners, educators, politicians, rural entrepreneurs, farmers, activists, and pretty much every one - to get one's goals set and achieved materially. Stay tuned for this piece of software.

Incubating Ideas

Grameen Revival Entrepreneurship Empowerment Network wants to ensure every action either succeeds or helps us learn something new.

1. Learn: What can we learn about that which we desire to see in the world? Is it realistic?

2. Build: What kind of team, community or messaging do we need to build, in order to achieve our desire?

3. Measure: Are we really doing good to the planet and the rural communities that we wish to empower?

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