Grameen Revival Entrepreneurship Empowerment Network

Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide

The Urban-Rural divide is leaving livelihoods and landscapes devastated. This divide is evident in the form of farmer suicides, rising levels of pollution, destroyed wildlife habitats, climate change, pollution and so on. What is its Root-Cause, really?

Self Discovery & Systems Thinking

Subjectivity: What could an individual do in the face of climate change, pollution or any of the other issues? What kind of feelings and emotions does an individual go through? Is this all the fault of individuals? How can the individual cope with the stresses of the modern world? How is the Self related to the Other?

Objectivity: What should the collective be doing in the face of climate change, or any of the other issues? What kind of stories, tools, organizations and solutions can the collective offer to the individuals? What are the root-causes of the problems we see? How effective will the offering be? Are we really making progress?

We periodically conduct Workshops on Self Discovery & Systems Thinking hosted at various of our Network members' places. These workshops include:

  • Fun and thought provoking group activities
  • hands-on learning of important life skills for rural entrepreneurs such as gardening, deep-ecology, animal husbandry, agro-forestry, water conservation, economics, and so on.
  • Facilitation of team building to identify common concerns and finding committed people to join the cause.
  • Empowering committed teams with the networking and resources towards starting economically sustainable and successful enterprises.

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